Star Empire Golf – Hoiana Shores Golf Club

Project Summary

Recently, the Star Empire Golf event was successfully held at Hoiana Shores Golf Club with the participation of five countries in the Asian region, including China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, and Singapore. Star Empire Golf is not only a prestigious golf tournament but also seen as an occasion for Star Empire’s partners and customers to meet, exchange experiences, and build close business relationships.

22 Flights of golf players from 05 countries in Asia including China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, and Singapore

The tournament has 19 holes challenge in which 18 holes are set in 2 rounds of tee-off and 19th holes is for special award when the player can hit the green in 1 shot and closer the to the flag hole than the Coach. 

Our team consisted of 1 Producer, 1 Producer Assistant, 3 Photographers, 2 Cameramen, 1 Drone Operator, and 1 Video Editor.

Our team crafted a Same Day Edit (SDE) video, which was showcased during the Gala Dinner at 7 PM.

We captured outstanding footage and images throughout the event.