Larue Countdown 2023

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Larue Countdown 2023

Larue this year continues to hold 2 big events in the Central region, Countdown Larue 2023 in Da Nang and New Year 2023 in Quang Nam. As a beer brand associated with every party of people in the Central region, Larue cherishes the desire to organize a music festival in their own hometown. With more than 40,000 used Larue cans collected and recycled in 2 months, making the “Hung Dong” (Sun Rise) artwork for the party, Larue impresses not only in the minds of locals, but also in the eyes of visitors visit Da Nang, Quang Nam.

To complete the SOW, DNX Agency worked with the Director of the event on the script for the filming of the show, decided the key moments in the event to have the most suitable filming plan.

To ensure impressive footage and not miss important scenes, DNX staff must constantly follow the rehearsals. After agreeing on the program script, DNX’s staff will be with the production director to coordinate and operate the parts in the show. The goal is for the show to be a success, and for the editing department to be able to capture the full footage without affecting the actual audience.

DNX Agency has cooperated and worked with many different e-newspapers such as,,,,… These are all high-traffic newspapers that are suitable for Larue’s target audience.

DNX Agency collaborated with national television channel VTV8 to viral on the Countdown Larue 2023 event. With modern equipment and experienced team, DNX Agency and Larue successfully broadcast the show live on VTV8 channel with 7 cameras at the same time via Live Multicam.