Freight Lounge Annual Global Meeting 2023

Project Summary

The Freight Lounge Network has carefully chosen the elegant and opulent Hyatt Regency Danang as the exquisite venue for their prestigious Annual Global Meeting 2023. To ensure that every moment of this grand occasion is captured with the utmost sophistication, they have handpicked the esteemed DNX Agency as their media vendor. DNX Agency has been bestowed with the responsibility of immortalizing the event’s essence through their artful and sumptuous highlight photos and videos. In addition, Freight Lounge has expressed their desire for DNX to arrange a lavish studio photoshoot at the venue to endow their guests with the most refined and polished business portraits.

Capture all the highlight moments of the event

Setup a studio inside the venue for attendants to take business portraits

Arrange the group photo shooting of almost 100 attendants in front of the event venue.

Capture all the candid moments to make a compelling recap video for the event organizer.