DNX (formerly known as DANANGX) was established in 2013 as a result of a unified artistic Raymond Vo and a determined Nathan Nguyen. Together, the company has been rapidly growing up to 10 core members and 20 qualified collaborators with different backgrounds such as: IT, Engineer, Architecture, Finance Analyst, ... and now serving almost 3000 corporate and individual clients with being the first million-dollar company in media production industry in the Central of Vietnam.


DNX strive to become the pioneer and leading company producing the most compelling visual contents throughout the Central of Vietnam, contributing to the modernization and industrialization of media productions industry.


We always do our best to keep innovating to visually tell the branded stories of our clients. The majority of our income will go back to the continuous reinvestment of the equipment and infrastructure to uplift the standard of media production industry in the Central of Vietnam.
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Tuyển dụng Photographer
DNX Productions cần tuyển 1 Photographer với các tiêu chí sau đây: Mô tả công việc (Job Description): Thực hiện các dự án chụp ảnh cưới/sự kiện/thương mại... theo sự phân côn...
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Soup to nuts: branding from square one
One particular client was selling tickets to training events. For each ticket sold we needed to get information on the person who would be using the ticket. We used a custom fie...
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